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Each year, a select group of athletes from around the world race on TEAM IMF to support the mission of the IRONMAN Foundation. Together, we share a passion for creating positive tangible change in our race communities and prove that "Anything Is Possible." I was selected to join Team IMF to race the IM 70.3 VA 2020!!! 


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My Story

Gotta Tri It was born out of the excitement that followed the week after seeing two athletes I coached cross the finish line with flying colors at their first triathlon. I could not have been more proud to see them finish and see them finish this powerful. This was followed by a strong desire to help more people achieve their fitness goals. 

Gotta Tri It is dedicated to providing every client extremely personalized service with a hands on approach coming from personal experience, education and training.

Ironman Hamburg Bike Leg

What I Do

Gotta Tri It is a multisport/triathlon coaching business. I offer online and hands-on coaching in all three disciplines of swimming, biking and running by providing a training plan with daily workouts that athletes can follow. Those athletes can be triathletes, needing workouts for each discipline or single-sport athletes focusing just on cycling or running.

Gotta Tri It is based in Charlotte, NC, but my athletes are international, national and local due to training plans being made available online.


Active Coaching

I assess your base fitness and formulate a training plan based on your goals and current fitness level, which is carefully reviewed at the start of the coaching program to ensure it is realistic and achievable. I challenge you one step at a time while also focusing on keeping you injury free. The training plan is built on the principle of periodization focusing on the quality of a workout rather than the quantity.

When “life happens”, I adjust the plan to allow for conflicts of every day life. I believe in personal interactions and feedback to ensure that the training is going in the right direction and you can reach your athletic goal. At no time will you feel like you are alone, from the first contact through race day! Gotta Tri It will never be more than an email or phone call away!

How I Help Athletes Like You



Training athletes is what I do best.  I tailor your sessions to set you up for success for your triathlon goals or individual disciplines.  Just like every person is different, so are their training regimens. 



Whether you need to lose weight, gain weight or just need to learn how to eat healthy – I can help you achieve your goals through personalized nutrition coaching. I can also help you dial in your race day nutrition.






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