Online nutrition coaching now with workout option!!! That means, on top of daily habits also a super flexible daily workout – active recovery included – that can be done at home, in the gym, and even includes a shortened version when time is of the essence!


Because I    nutrition heart    helping people….


      … be healthier         … be fitter        … be more confident



  • Real, life-changing, habit-based nutrition coaching.
  • A 12 months curriculum to keep you consistent.
  • Strategic daily habits to practice and help you change your lifestyle.
  • Different from all other things tried before.
  • Access to Coach Nadja to keep you accountable and on track.
  • Successfully been tested on 45,000+ people, over 15+ years.


Whether you need to lose weight, gain weight or just need to learn how to eat healthy – I can help you achieve your goals. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program but works for you whether you’re a vegan or a carnivore and everything in between. Just contact me for more details! If you’re ready to come on board:



What my clients are saying about this:


It’s been eye opening. Thanks for always turning things around and making me think about things in a different way.

It’s keeping me on track and focused.

You are awesome and always help make this process as positive as it can be.

This program is making me think about myself and my choices.

I feel so renewed with the whole weight loss thing. I feel so much more empowered.

Pn and you are really helping me.




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