My goal is to guide triathletes, runners and cyclists of all levels to achieve their personal goals while staying injury free.
Gotta Tri It is dedicated to providing every client extremely personalized service with a hands-on approach coming from personal experience, education and training.
Gotta Tri It will help you become a better athlete. Whether you want to get to the finish line of your first race or end up on the podium, Coach Nadja will help you set realistic goals.

My Story

Gotta Tri It was born out of the excitement that followed the week after seeing two athletes I coached cross the finish line with flying colors at their first triathlon. I could not have been more proud to see them finish and see them finish this powerful. This was followed by a strong desire to help more people achieve their fitness goals. Gotta Tri It is dedicated to providing every client extremely personalized service with a hands on approach coming from personal experience, education and training.


Gotta Tri It is a multisport/triathlon coaching business. I offer online and hands-on coaching in all three disciplines of swimming, biking and running by providing a training plan with daily workouts that athletes can follow. Those athletes can be triathletes, needing workouts for each discipline or single-sport athletes focusing just on cycling or running.


Gotta Tri It is based in Charlotte, NC, but my athletes are international, national and local due to training plans being made available online.

I assess your base fitness and formulate a training plan based on your goals and current fitness level, which is carefully reviewed at the start of the coaching program to ensure it is realistic and achievable. I challenge you one step at a time while also focusing on keeping you injury free. The training plan is built on the principle of periodization focusing on the quality of a workout rather than the quantity.


When “life happens”, I adjust the plan to allow for conflicts of every day life. I believe in personal interactions and feedback to ensure that the training is going in the right direction and you can reach your athletic goal. At no time will you feel like you are alone, from the first contact through race day! Gotta Tri It will never be more than an email or phone call away!

how I  help athletes like you


Whether you need to lose weight, gain weight or just need to learn how to eat healthy – I can help you achieve your goals.


Working with athletes is what I do best.  I tailor your sessions to set you up for success.  Just like every person is different so are their training regimens.

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Don’t Just Take My Word For It

  • I’d always wanted to compete in a triathlon, but was intimidated by the swim portion of the event. Working with Nadja gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge! She put together a personalized training plan that taught me how to train smarter; helping me capitalize on my strengths and improve upon my weaker areas, all the while keeping me injury-free. I found the training to be realistic and flexible enough that I could easily fit it into my daily routine. As a coach, Nadja was committed to helping me establish and attain my personal fitness goals, answered all of my training and equipment questions, and gave me many helpful hints for my first competitive sprint tri. By the time the race rolled around, I felt both physically and mentally prepared. Competing in my first triathlon was an amazing experience! When I crossed the finish line I knew that I was hooked! I credit Nadja for helping to make my first experience with the sport such a positive one…it definitely won’t be the last!

    Debbie Reid McDonnell Ironman Athlete
  • Coach Nadja is one of the most positive coaches I know. I understand the value of coaching, having been coached in business, life, and now athletics. One of the great things about Coach Nadja is that she is really in tune with your workouts and capabilities and adjusts to allow you to succeed. Her workouts are challenging and there is a learning curve, but once you get it, you will feel motivated to achieve as you get better and better. With Coach, I went from not being able to swim 50 yards to reaching 1.2 miles, the distance needed for the Half Iron Man. I endorse Coach Nadja, if you are trying to complete a Half Iron Man or just simply improve your fitness.

    James Ng. Triathlete
  • Over our 10 months working together you definitely helped me improve on my 3 disciplines! I took 10 minutes off my best swim, nearly an hour off my best bike and approx 1hr30 overall on my PB. I also had done an awful lot more core work than I would have ever done. You definitely improved me all round! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism, coaching & help and my wife sends her thanks and gratitude for all you did for me. We found you a truly wonderful & amazing lady!

    Shane M. IM Athlete, Ireland

Because I Love Helping Athletes,
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