February news and staying motivated

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Lots of news this month! So far, we have one athlete going to Nationals. Ronny decided to add to that when he got himself a slot to the IM 70.3 World Championship in South Africa in September! Wohoo! The magic happened at the 70.3 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. If that alone doesn’t inspire you, read more below on how to stay motivated to achieve YOUR goals.


BRAG ALERT – February Racing Stats

Gotta Tri It was represented by 5 athletes in 5 different races:

Jon, NC, has the HotChocolate 15k and another half marathon under his belt. Training for his first half Ironman is not leaving room for new PR’s, but training is steady!

Elyssa, NC, joined him for both, with a new PR on the half marathon distance and well on her way on her quest to complete 12 HMs in as many months.

Cynthia, NC, also completed the Hot Chocolate 15k AND has a new PR to her name as well! Then decided to throw in a 10-miler … as a training run and still representing Gotta Tri It with ease!

Ronny, BEL, took on the IM 70.3 all the way out in Sri Lanka, going from cold and rainy to hot and humid. He came in 5th in his AG and got a slot to World Champs!

Ah, yes, and a little brag alert about yours truly – tested out the pesky hip full throttle at a local 4-miler and am thrilled that all went so well. I even took 1st place in my AG – but you can read more about that here

Congratulations, ya’ll!



Staying motivated is not easy, is it? First and foremost, I want to let you know how motivating it is to me to see you all so diligently putting your training in! I can also tell you that the word “Ironman” alone is a powerful motivator. The countdown to Hamburg is officially on and I’m feeling it. I feel the training, the fatigue and weekend naps have become a staple in our house again. So, with New Year’s Resolutions slowly wearing off, how does one stay motivated? Joe Friel recently tweeted: “For a dream to become a reality requires total commitment and hard work.”  Yes, it does, Joe. Yes, it does.

Total commitment and hard work – easier said than done sometimes. Let’s just say that this months’ quotes are not by accident. Last month I talked about the book “How bad do you want it” (read here, if you missed it) and that one simple question certainly sparks a fire in me every time I read it. The quotes I shared this month helped me personally to stay motivated and hopefully had some meaning for you as well.

Feb 5 The Road to Success is always under construction.
– Lily Tomlin

  • Life is always a construction zone, we are constantly changing, circumstances differ, ‘things’ come up. Staying motivated takes knowing and accepting that ups and downs will happen. The ‘ups’ are the great times, easy to spot, the ‘downs’, … could those just be an opportunity to learn?

Feb 12Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.”
– Robert Allen


Feb 26The man who can drive himself once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.
– Roger Bannister

  • “Comfort zone” …, a nice place to be, but not one where we grow. If you want to grow, you need to be ok with “struggling”. Struggling through training, tough decisions, or whatever the case may be for your personal situation. Roger Bannister, the 1st man to break the sub-4-minute mile, didn’t do that by staying in his comfort zone. His drive and determination pushed him through some painful moments. Only, if we struggle can we fully appreciate the good times (a great ride, or run, and yes, feeling ‘comfortable’)

Feb 19We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit.
– Aristotle

  • It’s not just gonna happen. You can’t just WISH for something to come true, you will have to work for it. Every day. And if that hard work gets you to little goals – celebrate! Take an evening off, award yourself, and be grateful for how far you’ve already come!

Lastly, hold yourself accountable! Talk about your goals with other people. Whether it’s a race you’re attempting to do or your next training session that you are secretly dreading. Make it public and see how it changes your outlook.

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