Training Intensity

Training intensity varies from workout to workout, depends on the athlete’s goals and available measuring devices, the training cycle they are in, and most of all are always assigned with purpose. Why vary intensity? The goal of the workout is to bring positive physical changes in the body to deal with the physical stress on race day. The most efficient method to bring about these physical changes is to put your body under training stress.

The Importance of a Good Running Warm Up

A good running warm up can make or break your training session. Why, you ask? Exactly what is the purpose of a good running warm up? A big take away from last weekend’s training camp was the running warm up and a reiteration to pay close attention to it. Here are my three favorite reasons as to why: UNDERSTAND MOVEMENT PATTERNS AND LIMITATIONS Some people are chronically tight and have mobility challenges. You want to

Smarter, not harder and honest self assessments

Joe Friel wrote “It takes a great commitment to quality training to achieve at a high level in sport.” and I advocate all the time to train smarter, not harder. So, how do we make the most of our training and get the best results? I have 8 weeks to go before I want to run a sub 1-hour 10k. Certainly I have to ask myself whether it’s a reasonable goal in the first place.
Power and why it's important

Power Meter: why bike and train with it?

Power is something you read about in every single one of my race reports and I keep sharing it on social media. The power meter has saved my race more than once. Why train with it? Simple: “That what is measured, improves.” I believe in this wholeheartedly. The reason to train is to improve one’s fitness.  This includes cardio and physical strength.  To accomplish this we continually challenge our current capability and allow the body

Ironman Hamburg – The Day I Ran 30 Miles

Ironman Hamburg will indeed be the day I will always remember for running 30 miles. But let’s start at the beginning. Racing internationally brings with it a whole new level of organization, from finding a good bike shop to pre-empting jet lag and everything in between. We left the US 5 days prior to race day. The plan was to immediately settle in and get as much sleep as possible during the short flight from Newark