Ironman Hamburg will indeed be the day I will always remember for running 30 miles. But let’s start at the beginning. Racing internationally brings with it a whole new level of organization, from finding a good bike shop to pre-empting jet lag and everything in between. We left the US 5 days prior to race day. The plan was to immediately settle in and get as much sleep as possible during the short flight from Newark

February news and staying motivated

Lots of news this month! So far, we have one athlete going to Nationals. Ronny decided to add to that when he got himself a slot to the IM 70.3 World Championship in South Africa in September! Wohoo! The magic happened at the 70.3 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. If that alone doesn’t inspire you, read more below on how to stay motivated to achieve YOUR goals.   BRAG ALERT – February Racing Stats Gotta Tri It

Just a 4-miler

When you are in the endurance world long enough, a 4-miler may seem like a pretty short race not worth to get excited about. However, this one may have easily been my most important 4-miler in quite a while.  I certainly felt that pressure. My hip injury Let me back track just a little bit for those of you who don’t know about this. It’s been 9 months since my last race. Last year was

January news and how bad do you want it

Did January not just fly by? I am beyond thrilled that I was able to start this year out SO much stronger than last year. I trained for 29+ hours which made me hit 90+% of my personal target. Sadly, I too fell to the cold virus that’s going around last week. I had to miss a couple sessions, but it’s not that bad. I’m certain that it’s thanks to plenty of elderberry, extra Vitamin C, Zicam,

Key points to strength training

Strength training and endurance athletes don’t often get along. However, it is a very valuable tool, especially in the winter and/or during the off season to get ahead. Seeing how I am back at the gym myself to what I lovingly call ‘pushing some weights around’, aka strength training – in the gym – on machines, I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly talk about how to go about strength training! Again, as we’re