2017 – Sponsors Part 3


Last but not least sponsors!
Last but by no means least learn about two more wonderfully supportive women in my life. I’ve known both of these ladies for almost a decade and they are another true inspiration in the female business world.

So when are you planning on moving to Charlotte? We do live in a great area and Karen can help you find the perfect home. Apart from being a wonderful friend, she is also a professional Real Estate Broker, with your best interest at heart, working for Century 21 Real Estate Consultants.I’ve seen her develop in the real estate business over the last 10 years and she’s truly a tremendous asset to have on your side with multiple awards for her excellent performance. She’s lived in the area for 15+ years and will know what works for you. You can reach her at (704) 957-3323.

And when you are moving, of course you’ll also need a mortgage company to help with the process. Acopia Home Loans and Lee Church should be the one. Whether you’re looking to refinance or are purchasing a new home, Lee can make that process very easy for you.She has more than 20 years of experience and held every position in the mortgage industry. I feel that makes her very well suited to really understand your needs, don’t you? Plus, it’ll never get boring – she loves her coffee and it keeps her quirky and loving self on her toes to take care of you.You can reach Lee at (704) 627-2006.