Our 2015 Sponsors – Part 1


With our jerseys and race kits out and about, it’s time to tell you all a thing or two about our fantastic sponsors. After having been abroad for three years, I have come home to some great support which I greatly appreciate. Today, I want you all to learn a bit about our two main sponsors!


Keatley Wealth Management – Karen Keatley
Keatley Wealth Management is an independent Financial Planning and Investment Management firm right here in Charlotte, NC. Karen is a 5-star Professional Award for Wealth Management (2014) Recipient and all around wonderful person. She is extremely knowledgable and has managed to get even me interested in finances and investments and that alone says a lot! She has been able to work with us while we were abroad, but I do have to say that it’s been nice to just be able and have a lunch with her since we’ve been back. If you need some help with your finances/investments – give her a call! (704) 540-5535


Carolina Sports Clinic – Dr. Josh Kollmann
Dr. Josh has taken care of all our small niggles and bigger bruises for more than 5 years now. Let’s face it – as much as we all want to stay injury free, many times something weird happens and we find ourselves limping along. And that doesn’t necessarily come from (over)training (my latest case was due to putting together furniture – who knew that could be so treacherous?). Dr. Josh is not only the most personable sports chiropractor, but also has a tremendous amount of additional knowledge working with soft tissue related issues. I’ve learned from him that prehab (proper strength training) is better than rehab! Carolina Sports Clinic is located in Blakeney and if you have any niggles, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call his office and make an appointment! (704) 544-5353